The Leitech High-Resolution Gauge is a refined model of the Leitech Combi Gauge. Besides measuring both thread quality and thread depth in one single operation, the High-Resolution Gauge offers fine scale measurement. Also the Gauge offers a locking device, which facilitates:

  • locking the measuring sleeve at depth reading

  • metering of threads placed in areas difficult to reach and measure simultaneously
  • The locking device makes it possible to read the scale after the measurement has been done

When the High-Resolution Gauge is screwed in to a thread, the scale divided telescope sleeve is pushed up in the handle. The thread depth can then be read directly on the sleeve.

The resolution of the scale on Leitech High-Resolution Gauge System is 0.1 mm/0.005".

When demand requires higher accuracy, we recommend Leitech Digi Gauge, which has a measuring accuracy of 0.01 mm/0.0005".

When demand requires accuracy at a lower scale, we recommend Leitech Combi Gauge, which has a measuring accuracy of 0.5 mm/0.025".


Replacement of inserts and calibration of depth.
A new gauge in approx. 2 min.!
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