A worn thread gauge will provide the user with incorrect measurements. But instead of investing in a new gauge, the System Leitech offers replaceable inserts. All Leitech inserts fit a special taper lock design, and are easily replaced with a removal sleeve tool.

All Leitech inserts produced with a pitch diameter larger than 0,8 mm have the crest of the first full thread on Go according to Federal Standard H28/6.

Advantages of the Leitech Inserts:

  1. Same inserts for all types of gauges. This will reduce your need for spare part stock.
  2. Quick and easy replacement of a worn out insert.
  3. Leitech inserts are hardened and tempered to 62 +/- 1 HRc.
  4. Leitech inserts are up to 100% longer than traditional gauges. The longer insert gives a more precise measurement of deep thread holes. The control of pitch errors is also optimized.
  5. Leitech Inserts are always produced at a tolerance as high as possible, resulting in a prolonged lifetime of the insert.


For replacement of inserts – consult these PDFs for download on the product pages: