The Leitech DMG is the upgraded version of the earlier known motorized gauge sold by Leitech.

Leitech DMG is recommended for large quantity productions needing high precision measurement. By using the Leitech DMG you can improve productivity by up to 85%!

The DMG now offers a wide range of upgrades:

  • Software based torque regulation to make the torque independent of the battery capacity.
  • Variable speed promotes ease of use. Especially for smaller threads.
  • Module based build up reduce time consuming services.
  • Maximum return speed for faster operation.
  • Possibility of hanger mounting in balancer

For data transmission of measurement to a computer, the DMG offers two options:

  • IBR Opto RS232, wireless. Via IBRit-rf1
  • Mahr Connect ANT wireless. Via Mahr I-stick.

Leitech DMG is an integrated part of the System Leitech. You can mount a wide range of Leitech GO inserts with a special designed adapter when you need to check the thread.

The torque is of high importance, to ensure the threads are not re-tapped or damaged. According to ISO 1502 chapter 7.2.1.c, excessive force must not be used at thread measurement.

Leitech recommendations for torque are as follows:

M4-M6 8 Ncm
M7-M12 16 Ncm
M14-M16 24 Ncm
M18-M22 32 Ncm

If smaller sizes than M3 are required, we offer customized gauges with a lower torque. The software-based torque regulation allows us to customize the torque and/or the speed according to customer needs.

Standard measure depth is 55mm. Same possibilities for extend depth range and customize wear bushing as for all other Leitech gauges.

For battery exchange, Leitech recommend using only Keeppower 18650 3,7v 3500 mAh with safety circuit.


Replacement of inserts and calibration of depth. A new gauge in approx. 2 min.!

Please download PDF dokumentation: